COVID-19 Resources for the Independent Music Community

by | Abr 3, 2020

The independent music sector is suffering because of the restrictions due to COVID-19 and we would like to offer our support to record labels and their trade associations worldwide by sharing a list of resources to help those impacted by record sales losses, cancellation of concerts, conferences and other activities, and loss of work in the music sector in general.

You can search by region, country, organisation and type of resource. If you are aware of any resources not listed here and you wish to contribute to this list, please contact us.

USA Musician Health Resource List of Resources
USA A2IM List of Resources
USA Billboard List of Resources
UK AIM List of Resources—aim-member-faq
UK AIM Petition
Spain ES_Música Support Measures
Spain UFI Survey
South Korea Korean Arts Management Service Support Measures
South Korea LIAK List of Resources
South Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Support Measures
Portugal AMAEI Support Measures
Poland Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego Support Measures
Paraguay Cultura Paraguay Support Measures
New Zealand IMNZ List of Resources
Mexico Cultura UDG, FIMPRO et at. List of Resources
Luxembourg Ministère de la Culture Support Measures
Italy MEI Support Measures
Italy Governo Italiano Support Measures
Hong Kong Hong Kong Arts Development Council Support Measures
Germany VUT List of Resources
France Centre Nacional de la Musique Support Measures
France Ministère de la Culture Support Measures
Finland Business Finland Support Measures
Costa Rica Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud Support Measures
Colombia MinCultura Support Measures
Chile IMICHILE List of Resources
Chile Observatorio Digital de la Música Chilena Survey
Canada CIMA List of Resources,article/17800/covid-19-information-resources-for-canada-s-music-industry
Brazil Fremúsica Survey
Brazil UBC List of Resources
Brazil ABMI Support Measures
Belgium WBM Expertise List of Resources
Austris VTMÖ List of Resources
Australia PPCA Relief Fund
Australia I Lost My Gig List of Resources
Australia Sounds of Silence Relief Fund
Australia AIR Support Measures
World On The Move List of Resources
World Virtual Music Events Directory List of Resources
World Beggars Group Interactive Map
World KEA Interactive Map
World Resident Advisor List of Resources
Europe IMPALA Survey
Europe IMPALA Support Measures