Theoretical encounters

This space for reflection has become a reference, since every year it addresses paramount issues for the growth of the industry and focuses on innovation, creativity, marketing, trends, and the present and future of music.

Our meetings consist of panels, workshops, and conferences held by outstanding professionals in the music and business world. 

National and worldwide personalities have attended these events and shared valuable lessons and contributions with the participants to the growth of their cultural projects and entrepreneurships. 

The academic meetings have become a mandatory space for the industry, where a conversation about the outlook and future of different trends emerges, as well as the problems, opportunities, and potential solutions related to the concerns of the sector, and a window to the different developments in the music industry. 

Some of our most outstanding events so far are:


“Bienvenido al negocio de la música: ¡Estás jodido!” Martin Atkins

–  Panel: El papel de la mujer en la Industria musical latinoamericana

El futuro de los festivales y los eventos masivos

– ¿Cómo revolucionará blockchain la industria de la música?

– Michael Kaiser en Colombia. ¡Un seminario clave para los actores del ecosistema creativo, cultural y musical!

-Eduardo Cabra y Juancho Valencia: Creeatividad e innovación


Thereoretical Encounters 2018

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If you are not accredited for the Business Roundtable and want to attend, you can sign up in our Circulart Conecta platform as attending audience. You will also have access to our virtual directory. 

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