The activities of Circulart occupy some of the main local references for culture, in a city with a long history of shows and international events.


History and renovation share the same map, which is deployed above all in the central area of ​​the great urban sprawl of the Valle de Aburrá.

THE BODEGA COMFAMA (Comfama Warehouse)

A great loft for the creative industries

La Bodega is the new location of Comfama one of the main strategic partners of this year’s event. It´s a flexible space, a big covered box where anything that 2200 m2 and imagination allows to do.

This large scale loft will be presented to the city by receiving two of the main components of Circulart: the business speed meetings and the fair for music industry. Its director Paola Trujillo defines it as “a lab for creative and cultural entrepreneurships, in a context of innovation, growth and learning”. It is located in the area of “Perpetuo Socorro” an area of Medellin of warehouses and industrial plants that in some cases have been transformed to bars, clubs and breweries… and now into culture labs.


A cultural ship, heritage of everyone

With 883 seats and 66 nicely lived years, the Pablo Tobón Theater is the main cultural stage in downtown Medellin. With a modern architecture and well-known acoustics, the Pablo has managed to become in the last years in a versatile cultural center for the city.

Today all its spaces have been conquered for different activities and arts: its Café is also an auxiliary stage, the street that crosses its façade is now a walkable road, and with the garden roundabout that it has across they merge as a plaza for open-air events: the roundabout of life.  Now even its balcony is a live space. Mysticism and life in a sounding ship… the heart of downtown Medellin.



The big house, that opens roads in the city center

Is a house, a big house, a big republican house form the XIX century, that has become one of the most agitated cultural spaces in downtown Medellin. With its inside garden with a tree in the middle surrounded with hanging plants that is the way through to the former courtyard that is now a roofed concert hall with capacity for 250 people.

Because of how the stage is placed, the experience of closeness with the crowd is intense for the bands. In this house the rooms are now art galleries and the old kitchen is now a bar. Toc Toc.



The house of the spirits where even the stage dances

It´s an old big house but also a pagan temple, a mystic and spirituous haven. It´s the headquarters of the Matacandelas, the most celebrated theater company of Medellin, formed by a troop of obsessed and restless that have made of life itself a way of making theater.

The house is a mutant being that apart of having all kinds of turns and hallways it also has a small performance hall and the main stage with stands for 250 persons, that receives with the same love and quality, performances of Pessoa and Andrés Caicedo or the most diverse shows, soirees, parties and concerts. Who ever stands there won’t forget it, everything there is alive.

The Matacandelas is never turned off!