Medellin has been home for Circulart for 7 years now; is in this city where the magic happens and where hundreds of professionals of the music industry meet year after year in November, where they share ideas and make them into projects. In Medellin we gather to speak about Latin American music and the infinite possibilities that it has to expand. It´s also the place to be amazed by new local and international talents and to celebrate music in its full greatness.

Medellin is the capital city of the department of Antioquia and is the second most populated city in Colombia. Its average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius; it has an extension of 382 Km2 and is crossed all the way from south to  north by the river Medellin, which from some time now is considered the life of the city.

2’508.452 people live in this cheerful city that settled in this valley in 1813. Here, with out any doubt you will always find a place to dance, enjoy and celebrate life, culture and art. It´s a city that we are always enchanted by its great hospitality, its character, its natural power and its people that makes it unique in the country.

It was selected as the most innovative city in the world in 2013 in the contest organized every year by The Wall Street Journal and the Citigroup, attracting all the eyes of the cultural and creative industries, so, you are all invited to live with enthusiasm this cultural market that has as main goal to serve as a support and launching stage for the different Latin American projects.

Medellin´s official website:


By air

José María Córdova Airport

Has national and international flights

Located one hour away from Medellin.


Olaya Herrera Airport

Has regional flights and some national flights.

Located in the Guayabal area inside the city.


By land

Northern transport station

Near the “Caribe” metro station of Medellín


Southern transport station

Located in the area of “Guayabal” near the “Poblado” metro station of Medellín



Medellin has an urban transport system with metro, air cable car, and tram lines that are integrated with the buses (Metroplus and the integrated system), they  cover the city from and towards the four cardinal points. All the places where the activities of Circulart happen are near a metro station. Also the city counts with a complete public bus lines and taxi services that can be required through different mobile apps that guaranty more secure travels for the visitors.

Medellin´s metro website: 


Medellin offers its visitors different activities and tours to enjoy the city. Patrimonial sites, places for nature lovers, commercial routes, museums, parks and libraries are some of the places worth asking for. This year we want to specially invite you to visit the city center with confidence and joy since it´s full of history, culture creativity and life.