What is Circulart?

Circulart is a initiative for productive development for the Latin American musical expressions, that relying on its own methodology tools and technological developments, organizes a cultural market that has as main goal to serve as a support and launching stage for the cultural diversity of Latin America towards global exposure, through its virtual and physical platform.

CIRCULART is the professional platform of Latin American music industry, where the agents of this industry are gathered; Artists, producers, business agents, scholars, journalists, entrepreneurs, disc labels and multiple organizations that work in the convergence of culture and business, establish a proactive conversation around the development of the music industry.

Each year the market brings together more than 1500 agents that belong to different areas of the musical business. It counts with the participation of people from more than 20 countries, it schedules 15 to 20 conferences and it opens its stages for 35 live shows for national and international artists. The business platform allows that every year more than 2000 business meetings are celebrated between offer and demand of musical services and products.

The business meetings are arranged through a powerful virtual platform where more than 120 selected artists from the open call, gather with the presenters (producers, festival and stage directors, presenters, digital aggregators, agents, labels, amongst others) in a face-to-face meeting. This is the heart of Circulart, and is where alliances are made, ideas are shared, opportunities are made realities and new bonds, networks and creation possibilities are built.

The panels, workshops and conferences of renowned professionals from the world of music and business, represent our formation and scholar meetings. This space for reflection has become a referent, discussing each year subjects of great importance for the development of the industry, having as main points innovation, creativity marketing, tendencies and the present and the future of music. Important national and international renowned names of the industry have left the assistants of the market valuable teachings and contributions for the growth of their cultural projects and entrepreneurships.

In the Showcase Festival of Circulart. live music is privileged. There, more than 30 Latin American artists selected by a group of specialized curators, prepare a 30 minutes show for the presenters participating in the market and for the general public. These artistic shows take place in emblematic places of the city and obey to a selection process based on three main aspects: quality and projection in the international market, career importance and ability on stage.

Year after year this market consolidates itself as a place for the discovery of important talents and new sounds from all Latin America. It´s an ideal space for exchange and networking, the assistance of a specialized public and presenting many opportunities for the artists that are present in the market, favoring a conversation between current Latin American music and sounds, and all the professionals of the sector.