In Circulart we are tuned with the new dynamics, needs, technological developments, and rearrangements that our processes need to be updated with the music industry; we continue working in being the platform that supports and launches musical diversity in Latin America.

This is why we are pleased to share today our call for our business meetings and artistic showcases, that will happen during the annual market in Medellin, between the 1st and 4th of November of this year. And with this an update: apart from artists and groups as it is tradition, now booking and management agencies and music labels will be able to register the call.

As part of our network, we invite you to enter and register if it´s your case; or to share the terms of the call in your social media and communication channels, with those of your contacts that we know are waiting for an opportunity like the one our platform can offer.

Read the terms of the call and register through the following links:

Artists and groups: Closed

Booking and management agencies and music labels: Closed

For more information get in contact with:

Opening day for inscriptions: 9th of  May 2018

Closure date: 12th of June 2018 at 18:00

Announcement of the selected artists: 6th of August 2018

See you in November!