What is Circulart?

Circulart is a productive development initiative for Latin-American artistic and musical manifestations that, leveraging methodological tools and owned technological developments, carry out a Cultural Market, where the objective is to serve as a point of support and launching platform of Latin-American cultural diversity to the world, through a physical and virtual backdrop.

CIRCULART is Latin America’s most prominent professional platform in the music industry, where various representatives of the musical ecosystem come together. Artists, producers, businesspeople, academics, journalists, entrepreneurs, record labels and multiple organizations work within the convergence of culture and business to establish a proactive dialogue on the development of the music industry.

The market annually attracts over 1,500 agents from different sectors of the music industry, counts with the involvement of 20 countries, organizes between 15 and 20 conferences, and sets the stage for 35 shows for national and international artists in emblematic locations within the city. The business platform allows for over 2,000 business meetings between supply and demand of music products and services every year.

The Business Roundtable is managed through a powerful virtual platform where the over 120 artists that take part in the encounter annually, selected and gathered via call for participants, can get to know and make an appointment with Professionals (producers, festival and room directors, programmers, digital aggregators, agents, record labels, among others) in the Business Spaces. Here, at the heart of Circulart, is where alliances are generated, ideas exchanged, opportunities capitalized, and new links, work and creative networks created.

Panels, workshops and conferences by distinguished professionals in the musical and business world make up our Theoretical and Training Meets. This reflection space has become a landmark, tackling issues of great important to the development of the industry year after year, and holding as a central axis the innovation, creativity, marketing, trends, present and future of music. Figures of great national and international renown have graced these meets have left in market guests valuable teachings and insight for the growth of their cultural projects and entrepreneurship.

In the Circulart Festival Showcases, live music gets center stage. There, the more than 30 Latin-American artists selected by specialized curators prepare a 30-minute show for the professional market participants and general public. The artistic shows take place in emblematic spaces in the city and follow a curatorial process based on three foundations: quality and breaking into the international market, trajectory and staging.

Year after year, this market consolidates as a place for the discovery of important talent and new sounds from all Latin America. It’s an ideal place for exchange and networking, and the attendance of specialized public, offers a greater opportunity for attending artist to incite dialogue between current Latin-American music and all the industry’s professionals.

When does it take place?

This year, Circulart will take place between the 2 and 5 of November. This seventh version of the market will expand an additional day than usual that will be invested entirely to the business conference, providing the opportunity for artists to connect and better communicate with the music industry businesspeople.